Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LOST According to Lauren: The Snickering Ashley Files

My sweet LOST friend, Ashley, literally snickered the entire time Ben was shoveling the dirt for his grave. Which just cracked me up! She really doesn't like Ben.

Or Juliet for that matter.

And her words last night were, "One down, one more to go."

I'm still holding out for Juliet to come back from the dead and get Island married to Sawyer.

So they can live happily ever after and leave Jack and Kate alone. I'm just a romantic that way.

Now onto the episode! As always, spoilers spoilers spoilers.

-I love funny Ben. His little snide remark about being "pretty sure" that Sayid killed Duggan and Lennon just makes me happy. And I love Michael Emerson. He really got to shine this week. The scene in the jungle with Ilana was SO good. More than anything, I love that he didn't listen to the enemy. He chose the better path. And the better path was offered to him (thank you Ilana!) which is equally as compelling.

-Miles! Even with the 11 lines he's given he still cracks me up. And he found the diamonds!!!

-Which equally cracked me up the way they confirmed that Nikki and Paolo are DEAD. I'm glad to have some closure with the stupidest subplot of season 3...

-Cheese curds!!!

-My friend Mags talked about how she loved that Jack is finding his faith. What a crazy ridiculous scene Jack and Richard had! More than Jack rediscovering his faith it was incredible to see him stepping out on a limb in faith. Which I guess is what faith is... being tested and following through.

-The scene on the beach when Jack and Sawyer and Richard come back to the beach made my heart sing! It reminded me of the first few seasons. Particularly the end of "S.O.S" (which I just watched yesterday) when it shows a montage of happy times on the island. Remember the "happy" times on the island? Remember when everyone was together? Can we go back to that? The people on the beach need to find Kate and Sawyer and bring them back to the beach cause I have a feeling some baaaaaad stuff is about to happen.

-I'm going to have to go back and look, but did Jacob touch Kate? Or just talk to her? And Ilana said 6 candidates knowing that Locke was now unLocke. Does that mean that there's another one? Could that be the person that Jacob is trying to get back to the island? Desmond? Kate? Could unLocke still be a candidate even as evil incarnate? And does that mean that if Jacob touches you you can live forever? But apparently not be immune to evilness? Like Sayid. Brain whirring. Lots and lots of whirring...

-Ben as a cut-throat teacher was interesting...

That's all I've got for now! Happy LOST-ing!


Karma Darling said...

Jacob touched Kate; he "booped" her on her nose, after askign her to be a good girl.