Monday, June 06, 2011

Day 1 of Camp Pine Springs!

It has been a GREAT day so far (and there's still more to come!) and the kids are all having a great time so far.

Our day started out with Clint waking up all the campers with his daily radio show. You'll have to ask the teens about their favorite silly things he said... it's always a hoot. We went to classes where we talked about being intentional in our faith and the "One Way" that God has for us.

We played some silly water/mud games, ate lunch, had some solitude and as I type this, the campers are enjoying some canteen and free time (dodgeball, crafts, nuke-em, chilling out). Tonight will be another great worship time with Randal Senter and a lesson taught by Josh Haynes.

Our theme this week is "Road Signs" and the signs that God has given us on our walks of faith. Pray for the hearts and minds of the teenagers to be open to His call this week.

Hopefully I will have some pictures up soon! Michele Hollar has been doing a GRAND job of capturing camp this year.

Blessings from the mountains of New Mexico,