Thursday, June 09, 2011

Pine Springs Day 4!

We are still having a blessed time at camp! It's been a great week and the sponsors and I keep talking about how we can't BELIEVE that tomorrow is our final day. If you are friends with Erin Lea or Keith Hollar on facebook, check out the awesome pictures that they've uploaded.

Today, Clint and I led the "Egg Olympics" and it was EPIC. I (and many of your children) got egged in the head. Good times, good times. We played an egg toss, a relay, and egg duck duck goose- egg duck duck goose was the reason many of your teens ended up with egg smashed in their hair.

Tomorrow we will have a "Concert of Prayer" with prayer stations all around camp and different ways your teens will experience Christ. Please be in prayer about this experience.

Everyone is still safe and sound. Some teens are sunburned (the air is quite thin and the sun has been very bright) and most of them are using chapstick like it's going out of style. :)

All in all, everyone has been having a great time! Keep us in your prayers!