Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where You Lead

Several years ago, when I re-vamped my blog, I was drawn to the phrase, "Where You Lead" because of (duh) Gilmore Girls and because I felt like that was exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to go where God was leading me.

Since then, it's been a whirlwind of trying my hardest to listen to God's call for my life. And I have had some amazing and blessed adventures.

And I'm just now beginning some new ones.

I'm not going to change my blog's name again. I'm going to keep it as is because right now, I'm in the middle of the GREATEST adventure I could have ever imagined. And in the middle of it, my fiance and I are attempting to be obedient to Christ. Yes, you're reading that right. My fiance. :)

Over the next few months, I want to try and chronicle our engagement and marriage as I work solo as the only youth minister. Yes, you read that right. The only youth minister... (we're hiring someone else, I'm just flyin' solo right now).

I feel like the next few months are going to be chaotic and fun and nutty and overwhelming and that they are going to FLY by. And I don't want to miss a single moment of this time in my life. I want to cherish and reflect on it.

I hope you'll join me on this new journey I'm embarking on- it's sure to be full of laughter, tears, frustration, fun, and most of all, blessings.



Brock Paulk said...

Fiance?!? Congratulations! Hope we can meet the lucky guy soon!