Monday, October 03, 2011

Kuddos (again) to Don't Conform, Transform Blog!

A week ago, my roommate (a self described Halloween/Fall nut) decided to go to a local Halloween costume shop. We weren't looking for our own costumes, but were looking for a Dr. Seuss hat for the Dr. Seuss themed Wednesday night class for the teenagers. While we were in there, Allie mentioned that she had been to a place like this in college and was appalled at the prices and the selection of costumes.

She noticed that the only costumes that were available were sexual themed costumes. It was no different this time. Allie's fiance is a firefighter and we noticed that there were quite a few scantily clad "firefighter girl" costumes. Ugh.

We left the store annoyed- and without a Dr. Seuss hat. We are convinced that we can create our own costumes. Appropriate costumes.

Jennifer Shewmaker shares some great insight of a similar experience in her blog- which you can find in the sidebar of my blog under "Ministry Resources" or HERE.

If you haven't ever read Jennifer's blog, it's a great resource for families. Particularly families with girls. Check it out!Link